Drink vending machines

Drink vending machines


  • Hot Beverage machines
  • Water coolers 
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Hot Beverage machines
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Hot Beverage machines

Hot beverage vending machines offering choice and the highest quality drinks with top quality ingredients. 

We use paper cups which brings the coffee shop experience to our customers from our automatic vending machines. 

Machines can be programmed to take cash and tokens or can be placed on ‘free vend’ with an invoicing option. 

All Snackmore hot drinks machines have an automatic self cleaning option which ensures hygiene and excellent tasting drinks.

Water coolers 

Water coolers

Water coolers supplied and fitted where a mains water supply is available offering unlimited refreshing filtered cooled water to keep your staff hydrated. Simple installation by our trained professionals and quarterly sanitisations as recommended by the governing bodies.

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Cold Drinks

Cold soft drinks machines offering chilled cans and bottles of the most popular thirst quenching drinks on the market. 

Our glass fronted energy efficient machines vend a range of products offering the end user a fantastic choice. All machines come fully managed and are available with change giving coin mechanisms.

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