Sweet vending machines

Sweet vending machines


  • Sweet pots
  • Pringles 
  • Bulk sweets 
Sweet pots
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Sweet pot vending

Our Vending towers are extremely popular as they require no power and very little floor space. You can earn money from 1 square foot of floor space with our highly visible sweets and pringles towers.No running costs means that all your commission is profit.The customer simply twists the tower to select their chosen product from a huge range, inserts £1 coin and enjoys. You simply call us when you need a refill.

Sweet pot vending towers dispensing all sorts of delicious sweets.


Water coolers

Our Pringles Towers can offer up to six flavours of this market leading product.

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Bulk sweets 
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Bulk sweet vending

Our bulk sweet vending machines offer a range of products and can be configured to sit next to and compliment our Toy and Capsule machines. Ideal for any location.

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