Toy vending machines


  • Prize every time crane
  • Tattoo Vending 
  •    Capsule Vending  
  •    Bouncy balls 
Prize every time crane
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Prize every time

Our prize cranes prove extremely popular to both children and adults and with a guaranteed prize everyone is a winner including the site who earn commission on each sale.

Tattoo Vending 

Tattoo vending

Our tattoo machines can hold 4 different products and a range of licensed and non licensed eye catching products.

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   Capsule Vending  

Capsule vending

A fantastic revenue generator stocking all ‘current’ licensed capsules with children’s favourite characters and themes.

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   Bouncy balls 
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Bouncy balls 

As popular now as they always have been, eye catching ‘super’ bouncy balls with unique markings ensuring the customer comes back for more, always popular for children.

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